Sunday, August 28, 2011

Video footage from Bonneville

Video from Bonneville, shot with a HD GoPro camera mounted on the rollcage.  This was our first go round with this technology and we were experimenting with different backs in an effort to capture the best sound.  The first run has a lot of wind noise...I know, we're working on it.  Enjoy!

First "shakedown" run on the salt this season.  You've gotta love Keith Tardel leaning in and saying, "Have fun!"  Check out the final background when the car comes to a stop...beautiful.

Final run of the season as our rear end, a.k.a. "the coffee grinder", decided that the bearings on the upper drop gear would taste good that morning.  You can hear "the horror" of it all and Chris saying, "something broke" at the end.

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