Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dyno run

Randy and Keith brought the roadster down to Paul DeBecker at DB Tuned in Rocklin for a run on the Mustang 4 wheel dyno that Paul so graciously let us play with.  Once it was all strapped down...kinda...the roadster fired right up and made a few runs.

First let me say how incredible this engine sounds. 

We encountered a couple of problems early on that were directly related to the dropped front axel and smallish front tires.  The bones were resting on top of the diamondplate on the dyno stand and when the accelerator was mashed, the car wanted to track all over the place instead of staying still.  This was soon remedied by Nic and Jared as they made the 5 minute jaunt to Nic's house, took the taller 6.00x16" Firestones off of Nic's '36 Ford and swapped them onto the roadster giving several inches of clearance.

Once that issue was resolved and another strap or two installed, it was game on.

The car was a a bit of a beast and the strap system not quite optimum for the chassis of this car, but Keith was ableto finally get this pony underway and had a couple nice runs at the end.

Some t-shirts and stickers were passed around.

In the end, the only issue was the rear oil breather releasing a bit of oil throuh an open screw hole...that was fixed later that evening and all should be good...Chris can't wait to open this baby up!

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