Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Workday at the ranch

The roadster is back in the barn over at the Cannarozzi compound and in need of some work while the engine is at the machine shop.  Looking over the knock list we knew we had more than just an afternoon in store.

Pete and Jered tackled the floorboards while Nic and I got the fuel tank removed, purged of old hi-octane and got the twin battery boxes installed. Rear brake drums were cleaned of rust and scale, victims of the salt and time. At the close of the afternoon it didn't look as though a lot of progress was made, but many things were just on the verge of getting done...another afternoon will mean marking off a lot of the tasks.

Jered got measurements for the tranny cover and waterpump bracket that will be mounted inside of the grillshell - now that there is a 35 gallon water tank.  I guess he thought that the one we had mocked up was not substantial enough.

Here is an example of the fantastic fabrication that Jered does...gotta love that grill.

The hardest working team member.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer is upon us and Speed Week draws close

The longest day of the year is here to mark the beginning of summer, a summer which will be interrupted by a glorious trip to the salt.  Keith Tardel, Randy Cannarozzi and others have been hard at work to get the roadster ready for Bonneville.

Here are some pics to document just some of the progress


WATER TANK to take the place of a radiator

Check out the fancy HEADERS, looks like a bunch of anacondas


The CREW at Tardel's Flathead Ranch

Below are some pics from the roadster's previous trip to Bonneville.

We will be getting together this weekend for a "work day" on the roadster as it is now back at Randy's ranch...more information and cool pics to come...