Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shots from Bonneville

Just a few images from Bonneville...

Mr. Bills Racing and their cherry 1939 Ford Standard powered by a 299 engine in the XF/VGC class (unblown vintage gas coupe), fastest run of the week 119.463 MPH (record 132.876 MPH).

Don't see too many 19XX Ford F100 unibodies these days, let alone a salt racer. The #416 of Y-Block Guy Racing ran a fastest 127.049 MPH in the D/PP class (production pickup) with a 301 Y-Block (on a 164.230 MPH record).

Pete Cannarozzi checking out Tyler Malinky's #712 / #1712 Triumph 750cc. the Lowbrow Customs entry set records in two classes, 116.171 MPH (on a 110.762 MPH record) in the APS/VG class and 117.108 MPH (on a 108.732 MPH record) in the A/VG class. Not only is it a killer looking pre-unit, but she runs fast too.

A vintage converted belly tank lakester sitting outside the Monster Energy Drink've got to love the styling of these old salt cars.

Larry Lancaster and the Lil Bit O Racing team campaigned this very clean 1958 Chevrolet Apache #688 running in the E/PP class (production pickup). It set a class record of 130.629 MPH (on a previous record of 128.821 MPH)...not bad for a straight 6.

Japanese ex-pat and motorcycle guru Shinya Kimura, founder of Zero Engineering and currently operating Chabbot Engineering ran his handcrafted conveyance #1188 to a best of 100.474 MPH (on a 128.241 MPH record) in the 1350cc APS/VG class.

I have a place in my heart for sixties Mustangs; it was great to see this 1965 Pony out on the salt. The Mustangs To Go #3720 ran a best of 172.016 MPH (on a 224.331 MPH record) in the C/CBGALT (classic blown gas altered) class with a Clevor powerplant (Windsor block and Cleveland heads...kinda like a Boss 302).

The Team Ruckus #407 Deuce Coupe ran a best of 121.788 MPH (on a 135.004 MPH record) in the XF/VGALT class (unlblown vintage gas altered coupe)...beautiful looking car to boot.

Check out this Brooks Motorwork's BMW airhead #1189 with sidecar in the ran a record 94.333 MPH (on a previous record of 84.651 MPH) in the 500cc SC/VG class.

Check out the suicide front end on BMR Racing / Ferguson Racing's 1930/31 Ford Model A coupe #285 running in the XXF/VGALT...not only does it sit forward of the grill, it comes straight out of the grill...I suppose that takes channeling the body to a new level.  By the way, Neil McAlister drove it to a record of 166.726 MPH on a 163.415 MPH record

This is the salt, the vintage 1959 "City of Salt Lake" STP/Firestone have to love purpose built machinery.

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